Monday, January 2, 2017

What Stanley Laman Offers on Manta

Stanley-Laman has recently created three pages on Manta.

The "homepage" has general information about Stanley Laman. This page is contains two separate links, one with more details about Financial Planning through Stanley-Laman where we have implemented plans for family businesses, publicly traded companies and high net worth individuals. With this body of experience, Stanley Laman can offer practical insights to planning issues from tax, financial and interpersonal perspectives. The second link is about the Investment Division of Stanley-Laman and our experienced financial advisors that assist investors in identifying the appropriate mix of offerings based upon their individual needs. Our advisors continue to oversee their portfolios to make necessary adjustments as conditions and objectives change. All portfolios are managed in-house at Stanley Laman using the Ad-Star® System.

For more details and questions, please feel free to contact The Stanley-Laman Group here:
1235 Westlakes Drive Suite 295, Berwyn, PA 19312
phone: (610) 993-9100
fax: (610) 993-8382